Why is commercial cleaning more important than ever?

Commercial cleaning is more important than ever. Why? Well with covid 19 keeping your premises clean and hygienic is key to maintaining a safe work environment. Whether you’re already back in the office or you’re getting ready to go back – now is the time to consider changing up your company’s cleaning routine. 

This past year has been challenging for businesses in more ways than one. Adding to that you now have to find ways to keep both customers and employees safe. 

Maintaining regular cleaning schedules is key. But, the best way to keep on top of your cleaning, whilst still maintaining the level of business you need to keep your doors open, is by utilising a professional cleaning company.


Utilising a commercial cleaning company won’t just help keep your employees safe, but it will also help with work satisfaction. Adding extra cleaning duties for your staff has shown to impact the quality of their work overall and can often lead to increased stress levels and unhappiness in the workplace. 

Outsourcing is key to any business model and this is especially true when it comes to cleaning. Consider your options: go through the pain of setting up an in-house cleaning team, set up a rota for your employees, or — outsource. 

Professional cleaning is also the best way to maintain your premises as all cleaners will be trained and have appropriate guarantees in place. 


Lunar Cleaning offers complete client satisfaction, with a full quality service, using state of the art equipment resulting in a beautiful, safe and welcoming commercial space.

We employ a team of smart and happy individuals who take great pride in a job well done and who have all been vetted using CRB.

All Lunar Cleaning clients have come back with glowing reviews and appreciation for our hard work and devotion to keeping their premises in the best possible condition.

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