2024 Commercial Cleaning Trends

Commercial Cleaning Trends

The commercial cleaning industry is constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of businesses and facilities. As we enter 2024, a number of key trends are emerging that cleaning companies should be aware of in order to stay competitive and provide the best service to their clients.

It’s critical for cleaning businesses to keep pace with developments in the industry for several reasons:

  • Adopting new technologies and methodologies allows cleaners to work more efficiently and effectively. For example, utilising advanced robotic vacuums can improve productivity.
  • Understanding client priorities and expectations enables tailoring service offerings. In 2024, customers will be focused on sustainability, health/safety, and cost savings.
  • Anticipating changes in regulations around chemical use, training requirements etc. ensures compliance.
  • Knowing industry benchmarks allows setting competitive pricing and salaries.
  • Staying updated on equipment and product innovations aids in maximising cleaner performance.

Overall, tracking commercial cleaning trends allows companies to deliver superior service, gain a competitive edge, and ultimately grow their business.

Highlight the relevance of understanding the evolving landscape of commercial cleaning in 2024

It’s clear the commercial cleaning sector is undergoing rapid change. Several factors are reshaping the industry landscape in 2024:

  1. Demand for healthy buildings and spaces is increasing due to COVID-19.
  2. Sustainability is becoming mainstream – the use of eco-friendly supplies is rising.
  3. Labour shortages are driving adoption of new technologies like self-cleaning surfaces and autonomous floor scrubbers.
  4. Customers want improved value – cost reduction without sacrificing quality.
  5. Growth of new business models like cleaning-as-a-service subscriptions.

Cleaning companies that grasp how the field is developing will be well-prepared to evolve their offerings, while those lacking awareness risk falling behind. All contractors should make understanding industry evolution a priority in 2024.

Commercial Cleaning Trends

Key Focus Areas for Commercial Cleaning Businesses in 2024

Commercial cleaning businesses are focusing on several key areas as they look ahead to 2024. With an eye towards growth and innovation, companies are prioritising customer focus, increasing revenue, embracing new technologies, and boosting employee retention and satisfaction.

Customer Focus

With contractors expressing concern over retaining customers, it is evident that a customer-centric approach is crucial. In response, companies are committed to enhancing their understanding of customer needs, elevating service quality, and fortifying relationships. This means actively seeking feedback, fostering open communication, and tailoring offerings to encourage loyalty and create enduring partnerships.

Revenue Growth

With a fierce determination to boost their bottom line, many businesses have made increasing revenue their top priority. These ambitious companies are focused on securing new accounts, enhancing services for loyal clients, and optimising operations to drive up profitability. In their pursuit of success, many have turned to “all in one” solutions, harnessing their power to supercharge productivity and boost cash flow. And for larger enterprises, investing in technology has become synonymous with unlocking the key to continuous growth.

Embracing New Technologies

The cleaning industry is actively integrating new innovations, like biodegradable solutions, drones for hard to reach areas, and robotics for improved efficiency. Companies are also leveraging software and digital platforms to optimise scheduling, reporting, inventory and more. Technology adoption enables businesses to do more with less while delivering higher quality.

Boosting Recruitment and Retention

With staffing issues a top concern for a lot  of businesses, recruitment and retention is a major focus. Companies plan to invest in workplace culture, training programs, and technology tools to attract and engage employees. By improving satisfaction and skills development, they aim to build an empowered, reliable workforce to fuel growth.

Commercial Cleaning Trends

Technological Innovations Shaping the Future of Commercial Cleaning

The commercial cleaning industry is embracing new technologies to increase efficiency, sustainability, and precision.

Adoption of Biodegradable Cleaning Solutions

There is a growing trend toward using plant-based, biodegradable cleaning products in commercial spaces. These solutions are often just as effective as traditional chemical cleaners but have a reduced environmental impact. Key benefits include:

  • Made from renewable, plant-based ingredients like coconut oil, corn starch, and citric acid
  • Biodegrade quickly without toxic residue
  • Reduce indoor air pollution and risk of asthma triggers
  • Lower risk of chemical burns or reactions

As eco-consciousness sweeps the globe, major cleaning companies are answering the call with their newly launched green product lines. And with the demand from environmentally conscious businesses on the rise, biodegradable solutions could make up a large percent of the commercial cleaning chemicals market.


In summary, 2024 promises to be an exciting year for the commercial cleaning industry. Businesses are focused on revenue growth, improving cash flow, and investing in their employees. At the same time, new technologies like biodegradable cleaning solutions and advanced drones will shape cleaning operations.

For companies like Lunar Cleaning, the key will be staying on top of these trends. By adopting innovations early and focusing on outstanding customer service, they can continue leading the industry across Sussex, Surrey, Kent and London.

Summarise the Key Insights

The main 2024 commercial cleaning insights include:

  • Revenue growth and cash flow are top priorities
  • New technologies will transform cleaning processes
  • Businesses must focus on customer retention
  • Environmentally-friendly solutions are on the rise

Understanding these trends will help cleaning companies succeed in an evolving industry.

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